Well having thrown down the gauntlet during the world cup staff event in the summer, the under 30’s challenged the over 30’s and Jungle Staff went head to head at the end of last year.

The 3 events decided on were Archery, The Assault Course and Football – not a jungle event but the challenge was leveled during the world cup so it seemed appropriate!

There were 11 of the under 30’s with 9 over 30’s (for the record a lot of the over 30’s bottled it BT, Steve, Hutch you know who you are!!!) and it was a very close matched contest until the events started then we wooooooped they young pups butts.

A clean sweep of 3 from 3 was the final outcome with the finest moment being when the Galloping Gallop scored the 1st of 3 goals whilst smoking a cigarette – it had quality written all over it.

It just goes to show you that experience or exuberance wins every time.

If you have a group at work who keep on bragging but never put their muscle where there mouths are why not challenge them to a Jungle Combo.