Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our activities and what to expect from your adventure at Adrenalin Jungle

Follow the A1 south until you reach the A57/A614/B6420 exit toward Worksop/Sheffield/Nottingham/Ollerton. As you exit the A1 at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit. At the next roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Blyth Rd/A614. Continue to follow A614 and Go through 2 roundabouts (the last of which has a McDonald’s on it) Staying with the A614 in approximately 2 miles you will go past the Rose Cottage Pub on your right hand side, the Jungle site is now only 1 ¼ miles away also on your right hand side.

We have a range of ways to Enquire (that is to 100% secure a required number of places for a set date e and time) all you will need to have already sorted is:

An event date.
Know how many player you have in your group
Know what package you want
Know what duration of event you want
Collected the deposits for each player you are looking to Enquire and pay for

The take one of these below options

Enquire on line by clicking HERE and going through to our secure on line Enquireing form.

Talk to a human by calling us on 01623 883980 between 10 am and 6 pm to talk to one of events team and Enquire over the phone

Request a call back because our offices are closed and all the humans have gone home by clinking HERE and completing the call back form

If you are not quite ready to pay but want to reserve some spaces then.

Reserve on line by clicking HERE and going through to our provisional Enquireing form (no monies is required at the point you make a provisional reservation)

Talk to a human by calling us on 01623 883980 between 10 am and 6 pm to talk to one of events team and make a provisional reservation over the phone

There is no minimum or maximum number requirement for a group to make a Enquireing so any group size fine, however there is a minimum number required to make an event day run purely because we need enough players to form 2 teams so you can get to enjoy our amazing paying zones.

So if you have a small group of just 3 or 4 players give us a call to find out when the next open session is running that you can join up with.

We normally have sessions running Saturday and Sundays where small groups can join together to make a squad.

If you have a large group and want a private sessions this is also no problem as long as you have 30 + on a Saturday, 20 + if you want a Sunday and 14 + if you want a mid-week

Please note mid-week events require 14 or more players all taking our recommended minimum package (400 balls for a half day and 600 for a full day) then your can come play paintball.

You can make your Enquireing now for the number of players that have told you they want to come along.

If you Enquire this far enough in advance we will hold however many slots you ask for provisionally so you have time to collect the deposits knowing you have enough spaces if everyone that said they wanted to come does actually decide to come.

If the date you want to come along is not that far away then Enquire and pay us for the ones that have confirmed with you as you can always add the last minute Lennie’s onto your Enquireing up until a few days before your event, provided we still have available space.

Please note monies paid to Enquire a place are not refundable or transferable so PLEASE do not pay us unless you are 100% sure the guest is attending or they have given you the money, the last thing we want is for you to be out of pocket but we will kit and staff up for however many you Enquire in so we have costs we have to meet.

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

So PLEASE do not pay us unless you are 100% sure the guest is attending or they have given you the money, the last thing we want is for you to be out of pocket but we will kit and staff up for however many you Enquire in so we have costs we have to meet.

No: If anyone fails to attend the event on the date you have Enquireed, the prepayment and paintballs for that person will be forfeited because we will have costs from staff and spaces allocated to the players that have not turned up PLEASE do not pay us unless you are 100% sure the guest is attending.

The simple answer is played correctly, using the correct equipment then YES paintball is as safe as it can be but please remember like any other outdoor activity or sport, there is always a risk.

However if you observe all the safety regulations & follow all the Marshals’ instructions then the worst that will happen will be a few momentous (bruises) to show off the next day.

The short answer is: IT CAN.

It’s very difficult to describe to a 1st time player how it feels when you are hit but the closest we can get is by comparing it to being hit with a squash or tennis ball but remember you will have additional layers on and the Adrenalin is flowing so most players tell us it wasn’t as bad as they had expected, the easy answer is try not to get shot.

When paintball was first invented it was designated as over 16’s only, over the years the sport has become more main stream, safety equipment has improved experience and expertise has grown so over time the UKPSF (paintball governing body) has sanctioned that the minimum age could be lowered for the age range please see Q10.

That said parents need to know about the nature of the activity and decide for themselves whether their particular child is robust, and mature enough to participate in this type of activity.

Paintball is not an overly energetic activity but is played in a wooded environment using paintball guns that fire paintballs that can bruise or break the skin.

All games are supervised and all safety equipment is provided free of charge but at the end of the day it’s your child or the friends of your child so if you are unsure come and see us on an event day talk to our staff, chat with other players and then make up your own mind if your think this is the right time for your child to have a go at paintball.

Paintball has been around for over 25 years and will be around for the next 25 years so while LITTLE JOHNNY really wants to play paintball NOW, if you do not think he is ready put him off for a year and blame us.

We want everyone to enjoy there paintball experience so sometimes it’s best to say NO, not right now come back in a year or 2.

If you have read this section your are a great parent, your children’s well being matters to you so well done, if you have looked at other providers we doubt the have been an honest and open about answering this question, which we hope demonstrates to you that if you do decide now is the time that Paintball Jungle will have your child’s well being at the heart of its event delivery.

As mentioned it used to be 16 but over time this has dropped to anyone 11 years of age that is also in year 7 of secondary school.

As long as a player is willing to have a go and is in year 7 or older they can come paintball at our venue.

Please Note: 11 – 17 year olds require parental / guardian consent and may also require an adult to either stay on site for the duration of the event and in some circumstances for that adult to play alongside the junior (11 – 14 year old) but this is not always the case so to find out give us a call on 01623 883980.

Unless you Enquire a specific CADET (for 12 – 16 year old players only) paintball event they may well be playing alongside and against adults.

We always try to join similar age groups together, where possible. However, there are often groups of mixed ages (when parents like to play with their children, or there are also older siblings joining in etc) so unless you Enquire the CADET event they may be playing against adults.

Your arrival time will depend on what session you have Enquireed full day and AM sessions all start with the safety brief at 10 am so we would ask you to be with us between 9:30 and 9:45 so we can get you signed in and kitted up.

Our PM Sessions start at 1:00 pm so we would ask you to be with us between 12:30 and 12:45 so we can get you signed in and kitted up.

Please arrive in plenty of time so you don’t miss any of the action.

All times are approximate and can be change to suit your group’s requirements.

All players are required to complete a registration form before they begin play.

Players under 18 years must have their form counter signed by an adult or have with them a pre-completed parental consent form that can be downloaded from HERE.

Guest will be asked to complete a registration form on arrival at the paintball centre, but if you want to save time on arrival you can download in advance an Adult Registration from by clicking HERE and filling it in before you arrive with us.

Players should wear old, comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather conditions and may also want to bring a change of clothes for the conclusion of the game.

We strongly recommend boots with ankle support – it can be muddy, wet and slippery in the woodlands.

Some players may choose to wear wellies if it is muddy during the winter months – but it is up to each individual to decide if they want to choose a waterproof option rather than the safety of ankle support.

Paintball gloves are available to hire or buy at the centre, or you can bring your own.

You may also want to bring some money for purchasing additional paintballs drinks & snacks (we accept cash and credit/debit cards verified by PIN only).

That’s the toughest question to answer; there is no way of knowing how many paintballs any individual will use, as it depends on how trigger-happy they want to be.

However what we can tell you is that over the 20 years we have be running paintball events the average for a half day is 400 and a full day is around 600/700 per person.

If you’re unsure how many to go for, why not take a look at our recommended packages – they’re specially designed for every price range but if you find you need more during the day you can purchase additional paintballs throughout the day, during the breaks between games.

One thing we do stress is that if you can’t afford to purchase the average number of paintballs for your session duration then it may be worth saving up until you can there is nothing worse than being OUT GUNNED if you only have 200 to last.

NO: this is for 2 reasons.

1: Health and Safety, there are a range of paintballs available on the open market some are a very high quality (these the ones we use) some are a very poor quality (these are the ones used by venues offering cheap deals). I guarantee you would not want to be hit by a cheap paintball they can be ROCK Hard. So, by only permitting our paintballs on site we guarantee you won’t be hit by a rock hard cheap paintball.

2: While we love what we do we do run this as a business. So, just like you can’t take your own beer to a pub, or food to a restaurant you cannot bring your own paintballs to the centre.

If any person is found using their own paintballs will be asked to leave.

YES AND NO !! What an answer,

The reason for this ambiguous answer is because the term PAINTBALL EQUIPMENT covers a range of items so for what you can bring and what you can’t please see below:

PAINTBALL GUN: Only permitted if you have Enquireed a private paintball event and the other players in your party are happy for you to use it during the games.

Paintball Goggles: Yes, as long as they are designed for paintball games have not been modified and are in a good condition with a good quality lens (all goggles will be inspected by the site manager and use is at his discretion)

Ancillary Paintball Kit i.e. battle packs, hopper, squeegees etc etc: Yes

Combat Clothing: Yes, as long as it has long sleeves and long trousers



HELICOPTER GUN SHIP: NO !!! that’s just silly

But as with all things if in doubt and to avoid disappointment on the day give us a call on 01623 883980 before the day to double check

Of course there are rules for you to enjoy the paintball event the games need structure and purpose otherwise it’s just chaos.

So as with any sport there are a number of safety rules, all of which will be explained to you in the Safety Briefing at the beginning of your days play.

We provide free Tea and Coffee for all guests (even spectators) for all paintball events.

If you have Enquireed a full day with a minimum of 400 paintball in the package then a free hot snack will be provided this could be a pot noodle on smaller event days but is normally a freshly prepared jacket potato with filling.

Canned drink, bottled water and chocolate bars are available to purchase on the site. If you are playing midweek we ask that you check availability before coming along.

For health and safety reasons No alcohol can be consumed during the event so while you are welcome to bring beers for the group to consume after the paintball has finished this must be left in your vehicle or held by our staff team.

Any players who are found to be drinking alcohol during the paintball event will be excluded from the games and may be asked to leave the venue if their actions are causing issues with other guest.

If a guest is excluded from any paintball games for any reason they will not be entitled to a refund for any paintballs they may have purchased but not used.

In 99% of weather conditions the paintball events go ahead regardless, and for some wet weather conditions enhance the experience.

It’s worth reiterating that all the game zones are outdoors, and that while there are sheltered areas in the base camp where you can go between games for the most part you will be out in the elements so dress accordingly.

In those rare 1% weather conditions (normally high winds in excess of 70 MPH) we may be forced to close the venue for safety reasons Goggles will not help you are hit by a tree that’s being blown over!!!

If the venue does get closed you will be able to re Enquire your event to another date over the next 6 months.

If you are the organiser you will receive a detailed Enquireing confirmation, this will include a sections with map and directions from the North, South, East and West so finding us should be easy, however!!

To avoid getting lost we suggest you make sure all drivers know where they are going well in advance of the event day.

You can email or, print out the directions so they have them to hand.

Please note that because our 150 acre venue is rural (as you would expect) we do not advise you blindly follow SAT NAV.

Directions are for guidance only, we recommend using a road map for more in depth directions. If you do have trouble finding the centre, you can call us on 01623 883980 but plan ahead, get ahead.

A full day session starts at 10 am so you will be asked to be with us at 9.30 am / 9:45 so we can get you started on time, the full day will finish around 4 pm.

A half day morning session starts at 10 am so you will be asked to be with us at 9.30 am / 9:45 so we can get you started on time, the full day will finish around 4 pm.

A half day afternoon session starts at 1 pm so you will be asked to be with us at 12:30 pm / 12:45 pm so we can get you started on time, the full day will finish around 4 pm.

if during the event you need to purchase additional items such as paintball, Smoke grenades, gloves soft drinks etc etc you can pay for this with either cash or credit and debit card.We accept most major debit and credit cards including but not limited to MasterCard, Visa etc .

We do not currently accept American Express but are working on this.

No problem, click here to get to our CONTACT US page where you email us any questions we have not answered, one of our experienced events team will be glad to help you.