Paintball show (1) Paintball show (2)Following the amazing success of the of the 1st series of The Paintball Show which screened earlier in the year, this winter Sky will be hosting its own PAINTBALL CHANNEL with a range of programs scheduled to give a wide and diverse look at the paintball world.

As part of the 2nd series of the paintball show Don the Managing Director of The Paintball Jungle was asked to appear so in true LOVEY style he went up to Yorkshire for the live filming.

Now only time will tell but the event was shot in a bar, which was open !!! Bad mistake especially as Don had to be there 4 hours before the audience arrived so with his industry sidekick Simon Cole from MAX Sports also on the show it does not take a genius to figure out that 1 or 2 drinks were consumed to calm the nerves.

Keep your eyes peeled on our blogs because as soon as we know the date the show is being aired we will be posting it here so you can make the call on whether Don is professional or plastered !!

And yes ‘the shirt’ does make a comeback!