red bull archery   
The Adrenalin Jungle was asked by RED BULL to help them run one of the check point challenges as part of their ‘CAN YOU MAKE IT’ ADVENTURE. So for 3 days in October The Adrenalin Jungle offered Archery as the obstacle for all teams coming through the NOttingham checkpoint station.

The idea behind the RED BULL CAN you make it?! has sent hundreds of international students on a unique pan-European adventure. They wanted them to discover who could travel thousands of miles without a pound in their pocket, who could eat and drink without a penny to their name and who could find a place to sleep when they’re skint.

Pushing adrenaline levels through the roof demanding ingenuity, fitness and creativity, each team of students were free to decide how they travelled, how fast and, ultimately, how successful they were. The teams of three set off from Madrid, Rome, Budapest, Berlin and Manchester in a quest to reach the French capital, Paris, at the very latest by 14:00 hours on 31 October 2008.

All participants were relieved of life-saving essentials such as cash, credit cards and mobile phones and, in exchange, received a specified number of cans of Red Bull.

With nothing more than a map and their Red Bull ration the plucky teams set off on a journey of discovery across Europe. However, it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge without a few obstacles along the way! All of the teams participating had to pass dozens of designated checkpoints, where they topped up their valuable supplies of Red Bull to haggle with on the way to the ultimate goal – Paris!

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