So, for a week in February the whole country seemed to grind to a holt over a bit of snow. Trains were cancelled, buses didn’t run, staff didn’t get into work, schools closed their doors, power supplies went down and the whole of the Midlands was hit hard.

But what happened at The Adrenalin Jungle? Well, we opened as normal, every event ran and they were some of the best events The Jungle has seen in a long while.



30 Quaders had a fabulous Winter Wonderland Type Trek round the woodland, we took Off Road Driving to new limits and even the Segway eased its way through the 6 inch deep snow.

Don’t forget all these activities are available to book through our main site and whilst we can’t guarantee the snow, we can guarantee whatever the weather, you’ll still have a great time.

Click here for more info on Quads, OffRoad 4 x 4 and Segway activities.