The East Midlands Designer Outlet contacted The Adrenalin Jungle and asked us to be involved with their Urban Lifestyle Events month that they had running throughout
August so we Parkour’d (posh new word for jumping in the streets!!!) at the chance.

We took along our fleet of Segway’s and set up a training route and free ride area on the concourse outside the information center, shoppers were invited to have a free Have A Go ride on our Segways, we were on site on the 17th and 24th of August and the event was a huge success with over 150 shoppers having a go.

With ages ranging from 8 – 78 it just goes to show that Segways are great for all age ranges and all abilities. At The Jungle the saying is if you can stand up unaided for 20 minutes you can ride a Segway for 20 minutes.



For more information on Segway opportunities in Sherwood Forest please use link 1 and for information on Segways on Tour please follow link 2. Theres no event like it!

Link 1 – Segway at Sherwood Forest

Link 2 – Segway on Tour

And don’t forget if you have a venue or work place and would like the Jungle Segway experience to come to you just give us a call on 01623 88 39 80.