Low Impact Paintball

Sherwood Forest...
...as you have never seen it before!

Key Points

  • Paintball for players that are 8 years or older.
  • A fixed cost of £29 per person and includes inc 300 paintballs per person.
  • Guests CANNOT buy any more paintballs so NO big bill for Mum or Dad.
  • Paintballs issued across the event so they cannot shoot them all in game one.
  • Coveralls, Goggles, Body Armour provided, all they need to bring are gloves.
  • 2hr sessions are run at weekends and midweek in school holidays.
  • 10 players required to run a session, smaller groups can be mixed together.
  • Private events available for groups of 16 or more players.
  • No WiFi, No Play Stations just outdoor fun.
  • Be warned they may come home Tired and Dirty!

Low Impact Paintball for 8 years plus at £29 per person

We are delighted to announce our Paintball Event for guests aged 8 yrs and older. This event is a great for guests that want the thrill of regular Paintball but are a to young for the regular game, this paintball event uses the lighter ‘Gotcha guns’ that fires a smaller paintball which has a lower impact than the standard paintball greatly reducing how hard it feels when you get hit so ideal for guests aged 8 years or older.

This now means younger kids can experience the fun and thrill of paintball at our amazing woodland venue in Sherwood Forest, with less of a risk of bruising that sometimes accompany playing the regular game favoured by Teenagers and Adults.

Priced simply at just £29 Per person including all clothing, equipment and 300 Paintballs the guests each will play not less than 4 games over around 2 hours sessions, with start times of 10 am or 12 pm during winter with a 2 pm also available in the summer months.

This event is specifically for younger guests but as we know this will be mainly for birthday parties we will be allowing parents / guardians or an older sibling to play alongside the birthday guest but we guarantee to never mix a group of adults into a “Gotcha” sessions keeping this all about a fun family and friends paintball experience.

To find out more, or to book a Low Impact Paintball activity with us today, contact our fun and friendly team of professionals. We promise to give you and your kids a day to remember.

This event requires a minimum of 10 players for it to be fun to run so if you have less than 10 in your group, please give us a call  so we can find other groups to pair you up with. If you have 16 or more then we can run you’re a private Gotcha paintball sessions so call us to check availability.

The games are designed to test your ability to work together as a part of a team. It’s an incredibly rewarding way of getting dirty.

If you have 10 or more in your group you can pick any session time, you need a minimum of 10 players because its one of the events that needs 2 teams to make it work and less than 5 in a team is not much fun.

Do not worry if you have less than 10 just give us a call on 01623 883 980 to check the date you want to see if we have any other groups booked in that you could join with.