One of the world’s leading health and fitness blogs, Health Fitness Revolution, has named paintballing as one of the best ways to keep fit this year.

The game is one of the most intense, adrenalin filled and fun sports you can be involved with and it will help with your fitness regime too.

The alternative sport is one of the fastest growing games in the world, played in more than 104 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles.

Paintballing will add variety to your workouts, help stress relief and promote team-work.

The blog agreed that paintballing helps weight-loss, increases strength and endurance and also can help boost self-confidence.

The sport is as much about mental ability as physical fitness because tactics, leadership, teamwork and judgment all play an important part.

Health Fitness Revolution said: “Paintball is a great activity for those who do not have time or the inclination to hit the gym, but want to do something active with friends.

“Many players get so caught up in the action they don’t even realise how the body is benefiting.”

“Working out outdoors actually boosts your mood, outlook, focus and immunity.”

Nottingham’s leading paintballing site Adrenalin Jungle in Sherwood Forest supports the story.

Our Owner Don added: “Many of our customers don’t realise how energetic and physically demanding paintball can be mainly because as a rule people do not associate enjoyment with physical activity.

“Not only are you having plenty of fun with your friends, family or work colleagues, but you are also improving your health.

“The rush of adrenalin that paintballing brings is a huge benefit to a fun-filled lifestyle and it makes it a truly brilliant day out.”

Players share a love of adventure and strong competitive spirit and the game’s popularity continues to grow with national and international tournaments across the globe and even a World Cup held in the USA, who knows, one day it could well be an Olympic sport.