The Jungle is pleased to be celebrating 21 successful years of providing high octane activities from Laser Tag though to Blindfold Driving.

The  Jungle was founded by our own home grown Nottinghamshire entrepreneur Don Logan in 1994, who is a paintball enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Originally starting out as a single paintball arena, over the last 21 years the Jungle has grown considerably to offer more than 20 activities across our beautiful 150 acre site and welcomes around 8,000 visitors to the county each year.

Don, who hails from Nottingham, was a regional manager for a national plant company but worked part-time at a paintball company at the weekends. He took a shot at his new venture and went full time in 1999. His wife Rachel joined the fold in 2009 and the family business has gone from strength to strength.

“I’ve played paintball for almost 30 years and it is a real passion of mine so when the opportunity came to set up on my own site, I knew this was the career for me,” he said.

“We were really successful from the outset and knew there was a high demand for this kind of activity. After a few years of trading demand for other events was increasing so we started to bring in external providers for activities such as quad biking and archery but very quickly realised if they wanted to control the quality of its products it was going to have to bring the events in house..

“We now provide 95% of our activities ourselves having made significant investment in equipment and can cater for up to 300 people each day with more than 20 activities on offer.”

In setting up The Adrenalin Jungle, Don worked closely with the Forestry Commission and our site was the first in the UK to lease land from the land managers. By demonstrating their commitment to the conservation of the legendary forest, the Jungle has secured the future of the site with was initially earmarked for deforestation in 2020.

“We are privileged to be able to work in a venue with such a rich history, and to be able to play a part in preserving part of this legendary woodland whilst doing a job we love,” he said. “We were the first multi-activity site to do this and others have since followed suit.”

With our partnerships in place with restaurants and city centre hotels, The Adrenalin Jungle is one of the region’s major attractions, bringing revenue and visitors from across the UK to the city. Our venue has even attracted the attention of Hollywood when it was used as a location for an outdoor screening of Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood movie in 2010 that saw The Jungle work in conjunction with Universal Pictures.