England and Notts County Ladies players Carly Telford, Dani Buet and Ellen White visited Adrenalin Jungle last week and were given a very special charity challenge.

The players were set two challenges deep within Sherwood Forest. First two rounds of archery and then blindfold driving, with the three scores being added together for a team total.

The footballers were all up for a challenge and enjoyed their time here at Adrenalin Jungle on Tuesday. There was some fantastic scores set at the archery, with the ladies showing off their accuracy and skill, whilst communication was the key for blindfold driving.

TEAM                                 ARCHERY       BF DRIVING           TOTAL
Notts County Ladies              116                       890                    1006

They obviously go top of the leader board and it will be hard for anyone to beat those times.

The challenge has been set. Can anyone beat it?

Goalkeeper Carly Telford said: “I can remember doing archery at school and it was a lot of fun and hugely competitive.

“The driving was so weird and it’s a fantastic activity. I really enjoyed it. I think it would be decent without the blindfold because it’s quite a tricky track. It was good fun in the wintery weather too.

“I’d like to see all the girls have a go at the archery, whilst I’d have to pick Rachel Williams for the driving. She’s going through her driving test at the minute, so it would be interesting to see her score up there on the leaderboard.

“I’m not sure Sophie Walton and Alex Greenwood would enjoy the mud though! It’s a fantastic facility, it’s hidden away and I can’t wait to come back again.”

Former Arsenal and Chelsea Midfielder Dani Buet said: “Archery was very challenging and I was probably the worst out of the lot to be fair. It’s a real skill and I struggled to hit the board. It was a challenging start to the day, I was waiting for the driving after.

“Blindfold driving was a new experience and hopefully we will come back at pre-season and this will help hugely with our communication.

“Although not part of the challenge, the quad biking was such an adrenalin buzz. It’s such a great place to come and a huge thank you to the staff. We are going to get a few of the squad down here to see how they do.

“If I had to pick someone from the squad I would pick Sophie Walton. She would hate the mud and hates getting dirty, so I would stitch her up!”

And England striker Ellen White, who has scored 17 times in 56 appearances added: “Archey was great, something different. Carly and I matched scores and it was great to come out and try it out.

“Blindfold driving was so weird. I randomly still had my eyes closed whilst going round the track! The girls helped each other get through it and it’s an excellent team building activity and good fun.

“It would be great to get the rest of the girls down here. We’ve been here before doing laser tag, so I’d love to come back here again and get outdoors and try new things.

“I’d pick Rachel Williams next as she would love the quad biking as she loves the adrenalin rush. But I’m sure everyone would enjoy it!”

Notts County Ladies (26) Notts County Ladies (22) Notts County Ladies (30)

Notts County Ladies (31) Notts County Ladies (23) Notts County Ladies (25)