For years we have been asked by customers about events we can offer school age children during half terms and the never ending summer holidays.

The dilemma was to come up with a selection of events that would engage and entertain a wide age range from 8 – 15 years old for the best part of a day while keeping the cost down so it was an affordable treat.

After some serious thinking and trial runs the jungle montage was launched, the montage brings together some of our most popular events to fill a day with tasks, challenge and experiences to hopefully keep the kids entertained.



We ran our 1st montage day during the last half term for a football teams who’s parents wanted to have a day of and it was deemed a huge success so If you have got an 8 year old to 15 year old that you do not want sitting in his bedroom for 6 weeks this summer why not check out the Adrenalin Jungle Montage at ttp://

While we do need a minimum group size of 6 kids to make the event work but do not worry you do not have to book in 6 you can book as few as 2 (can’t have 1 kid on their own that would be very sad!!)  but we are hoping if you have a kid you want to get outdoors for the day you will know more like minded parents that will want the same so you all book them in on the same day.