The Forest Experience course has been developed to give the opportunity for people to spend time in the woods, learning survival techniques and develop a wide range of practical and personal skills.

The course is currently being offered in partnership between The Adrenalin Jungle and the Forest Commission at Sherwood Pines Forest Park in Nottinghamshire.

Having recently run a Forest Craft event for a local Medical Research Department we have received great feedback:

“We opted for Forest Crafts for our works away day/team building day. I liaised with Don the very friendly and efficient Events Manager over the booking and the arrangements and cannot fault his efficiency and professionalism. Nothing was too much trouble.The day itself was great and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The rangers were fantastic. The pace was just right and there was plenty of time to socialise and enjoy our surroundings. We particularly enjoyed eating our lunch around the open fire. The camp is in a beautiful setting in the forest – very relaxing. Highly recommended and good value for money.”

This experience gives you a chance to have a hands on opportunity to try out some of the following survival and forestry skills, including:

Building Shelters – working in teams you are challenged to build a shelter that is then tested for its stability, waterproofing, site location and comfort.

Fire Lighting – You will have to find and collect dry materials and then light a fire using fire steels and your natural supplies and the first one to make a cup of tea wins the challenge!

Knife Crafts – you will be shown how to make whistles, weave with willow, make string or build some camp furniture.

Water Filtration – you will be shown how to filter dirty water through a unit which you have made yourself using sand and charcoal and watch how it cleans it till it becomes clear.

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