Not your normal holiday luggage I can tell you and to be honest the 1st picture is a little misleading but we could not pass up the opportunity as we were so close to it!!

The Adrenalin Jungle was asked to provide some lunchtime entertainment to the Senior Managers meeting for the Thistle hotel chain and the venue that the event was being delivered at just happened to be right next to East Midlands Airport.

The weather was with us on the day so as the senior managers sat down to an amazing outdoor buffet lunch The Jungle staff pounced and offered them a way to burn of their chicken wings (I am still talking about the buffet here) with a “Have A Go” Segway session.  

So have you got a team meeting or open day and are looking for a novel way to fill some of the time? Well why not give us a call to see if The Adrenalin jungle can bring Segways to you. You would be amazed how little space is needed to make this an event to remember with your guests or staff