Its been getting warmer and the sun is shining more. Can you feel that summer is just around the corner? We definitely can and this is why were are showing one of our most popular activities for you and something to really get your heart racing. Try the most challenging assault course in the East Midlands.

Corporate Entertainment Midlands

If you are looking for something different to do with the team, the gang or just to test your stamina, our Jungle Assault Course is the challenge for you. Be careful this is one of the most demanding assault courses you can try and we’ve made some extra obstacles recently to make it even more demanding.

Assault courses can be amazing fun but don’t forget, they are designed to test your ability as well as your team. Ideal for a large group of friends or better still, a team looking to develop their relationship, the assault course has the usual suspects of challenges: rope swings, scramble net, high wall and ravine swing as well as some different obstacles to make things interesting. Have a look at this latest video our our assault course:

Each member of the team must complete every obstacle before you can move on so this is not all about who is the fittest, its about pure teamwork! So if you’re not shy about getting dirty and think your tough enough, bring your team down to the adrenalin jungle as show us what you’re made of!