Last month we picked up our bows and arrows and headed over to the University of Nottingham campus to host a combat archery for more than 80 astronomy academics who were in Nottingham for the National Astronomy Meeting (NAM).

Dr Robert Massey, deputy executive director of the Royal Astronomical Society, said: “NAM is a key date in the calendar for the field of astronomy. Academics come from far and wide to hear talks from inspiring speakers.

“We always try to organise something a bit different as a social activity and we’ve had so much interest for combat archery – almost 90 people took part. It’s great to do something with a bit of friendly competition it really adds something special to the conference and helps build relationships in the astronomy community.”

We’ve seen a huge increase in interest in combat archery recently. It’s becoming quite a popular sport – people really enjoy firing arrows at their friends instead of targets.

Combat archery is a bit like paintball or laser tag because it pitches team against team with the objective being to eliminate your opponent from the field of play to gain an advantage. Don’t worry we use special arrows, with rubber tips, designed to not hurt people.

At Adrenalin Jungle we offer combat archery as part of our ‘Hunter Games’ package which is great for groups of eight and more. The package includes a session of archery, to get everyone practising their technique followed by a session of the ever popular axe throwing and finally an intense session of combat archery.

The Hunter Games is a two hour activity and costing £40 per person, with a minimum group size of eight but is available for larger groups. To find out more about the Hunter Games or to book any activities at Adrenalin Jungle please call 01623 883 980.

Member of the Royal Astronomical Society taking part in combat archery