As the Adrenalin motorsports events go from strength to strength we have taken the decision to offer a young person an opportunity to join The Adrenalin Jungle team on a 1 year apprenticeship.

Working with the Vision team from West Nott’s College we had a very good response to the advertised position and following site visits and formal interviews the successful candidate starts with us on Monday 14th March and we look forward to putting the young person through his paces.

Don Logan the director of The Jungle started his career with an apprenticeship (if he tells me 1 more time how for the 1st six months the only tools he was allowed to use was a spoon and a brush I will scream) so believes strongly in this method of ‘on the job’ training.

Why not put your trainees through their paces on The Adrenalin Jungle Assault Course after all Team work = team mates  = work mates

Click here for more details on the Jungles Assault Course – Nottinghams best!