As mentioned in an earlier blog The Adrenalin Jungle took a starring role on Britains Biggest Loser on Tuesday 26th May. The contestants along with their 2 trainers Richard and Angie arrived at The Activity Centre with no idea what they were about to face, but moments later were given the challenge of our Assault Course.

Angie said later, ‘When I saw the assault course I have to say I was nervous. I really was! I thought there’s no way they’re going to cope with this. I had a go on a few things and thought it’s just not going to happen!’

They had to dismantle the cannons, take them round the assault course and then put them back together with all their bits at the end. The first team to kneel down and shout BANG were the winners.


Check out the footage while you can on the ITV catch up website and click here to check out The Biggest Loser Blog Challenge at The Jungle article.

If you fancy the challenge for yourself, sont forget to give us a call or click here for more information on our website.

Also Don Logan The Adrenalin Jungle’s Managing Director has done 2 radio interviews following recent reports of Germany wishing to ban Paintball. Don was interviewed by Fran Healey on Radio Nottingham on Monday morning and put across his thoughts on why Paintball is a safe and popular sport and should not be associated to the increasing gun crime in Germany. If you want to have a go at Paintball don’t forget to you can find out more information at The Paintball Jungles website.