Back in August last year The Adrenalin Jungle was approached by the hoteliers of Nottingham to help them facilitate an event for up to 100 delegates from all over the country as part of a Nottingham familiarisation weekend.

So, what better way to show the delegates the benefits and attractions that Nottingham has to offer, than a Tourist Hunt. So on a sunny but fresh Saturday afternoon in February the delegates left the Albert Hall with Treasure Hunt books in hand. The Hunts covered 5 different routes and included 5 different ‘zones’ including The Theatre, The Lace Market, The Old Market Square, The Castle and Houndsgate. The teams took around 2 hours to answer the questions and get themselves back to the finish point at The Galleries of Justice.

So with 70 delegates all running around the City Centre in Robin Hood Hats, carrying their team banners, it really was a site to see! The day was a huge success, with the Team ‘Will Scarlett’ being crowned the winners. The Adrenalin Jungle was proud to be part of this event and has received fabulous feedback.

If you are or your company would be interested in a Tourist Hunt then give us a call or have a look at our Treasure Hunt Page on the main web site.