Now we are not sure what the collective term is for a gathering of superhero’s but let us tell you on Wednesday the 14th of August at Wollaton Park there was masses of them.

Adrenalin Jungle was asked to bring along some of its event to offer visitors to the Annual Superhero’s picnic something to do after they had finished their sandwiches so we took along Giant Table Football, Laser Tag and Segways. Whilst the football wasn’t massively used the Laser Tag and Segway’s were a massive hit with queues forming almost from the moment the event opened.

It was great to see Batman joining forces with Superman taking on Spiderman and The Hulk and for me the highlight was Buzz Light-year going to infinity and beyond on one of our Segways.

We recommend you put this as a reminder in your diary for next year as it was a fantastic event enjoyed by all that attended. So remember if you have the space, we have the toys why not bring The Jungle to you.

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