Don Logan owner of Adrenalin Jungle – talks through five things he’s learned from running his own business.

Never underestimate the power of praise
It’s incredibly important to thank your team for the work they do. And I never underestimate the power of praise as sometimes it’s all too easy to just dwell on staff mistakes. Come rain or shine, we’re offering groups of people an out-of-the-ordinary experience and our staff need to be upbeat and engaging at all times. Our customers often comment that staff were enthusiastic and that this ‘made the day amazing’ – if your staff don’t feel valued, why would they give work their all? When they feel good, they pay this forward, which is essential for happy customers and good recommendations.

Reinvest in yourself
We work in a niche market that often has a number of short-lived pop-up competitors and resting on your laurels is a big mistake when running a business. Reinvesting in yourself is key to moving forward and staying ahead of the competition, particularly when you are looking for longevity.

Lows feel really low, but highs are even higher
Work in general has its highs and lows, but when you run your own business highs and lows become more extreme. Working for yourself however, provides a self-reward feeling that you just don’t get working for someone else. You have to be prepared to put in the hours, make sacrifices and graft, but it really is worth it when you receive another five stars on TripAdvisor, or the MD of a company thanks you personally for a fantastic away day.

Know your customer
When people book a day at Adrenalin Jungle, it’s unlikely they are an events specialist – they’re more likely to be the company administrator, the best man or a mum looking for a family outing. They want to impress their friends, family and colleagues with their choice and they want it to be memorable. When you run a business it’s essential that you know your customer and always keep them in mind with every company decision you make.

Keep talking
Talking is a dying art. Nowadays everyone seems to be is more comfortable communicating from behind a screen on email, text or social media. But in our business, where we can spend up to six hours with a group attending Adrenalin Jungle, we find a personable approach from the offset is essential, we call it ‘human to human’.