So the snow has fallen in abundance over the past few weeks, everyone is fat from eating too much turkey and its still winter. But lets look on the bright side…there’s still plenty of fun to be had now that the snow is melting and spring is right around the corner. Fancy making the most of outdoors with some 4×4 adventure?

If you have never driven a 4×4 off road then you might be inclined to wonder what people find so attractive about it. But don’t let the appearance of driving a car in the forest and through muddy fields put you off, there is plenty of skill required to handle the car in such exciting conditions. Not to mention all the fun you can have.

Take a look at this video to see how much fun this can be…

Take the Adrenalin Jungle 4×4 Off Road in the Midlands challenge and become the master of off road driving. Don’t worry, you won’t be left to venture out alone as you’re helpful instructor will be on hand to guide you through every sludge pit, up the steep hills and across the muddy marshlands. Its excitement all the way with our 4×4 Off Road Driving in one of the most demanding courses in the Midlands.

Book now for a personal one-on-one tuition or group experiences and see how much fun you can have with 4×4 Off Road Midlands.