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Sherwood Forest...
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Half Day Paintball Package. 

  • From just £39 per person inc 500 balls
  • Rambo's may need our 1000 ball option at £59
  • The event will last min of 3 hrs.
  • All equipment and event supervision is included
  • Minimum age is 11 (*Must have left year 6).
  • smaller groups need to Enquire a date we are already open
  • Groups of 16 or more can pick any available date

Paintball Event Info

Our Paintball games are set in 150 acres of Sherwood Forest, Nottingham and we honestly believe our paintball maps are 2nd to none with the focus on Fun and Fair play which is why we believe in being up front about what you need to have a great paintball experience and what that's going to cost.

Lets face it to enjoy a paintball session your definitely going to need PAINTBALLS which is why our package at £39 includes all the kit and equipment you need as well as 500 paintball per person.

We know that on the face of it our price looks high compared to others on the internet but after 30 years delivering great paintball events the last thing we want to do is get you to book with us without understanding what you need to have a great day and Paintballs is definitely what you need to have for a great day.

So while other venues will try and entice you in with a cheap entry deal when you do the maths its going to cost you more i.e. £9.99 entry and kit (at this point you can't play paintball because you haven't got any paintballs !!) so they then sell you paintballs and even at there bulk prices of around £7.99 for 100 paintballs your going to spend more than you would with us.

500 paintballs at there lowest price is £39.95 so that's more than out total price even before you have added there £9.99 entry fee!! you have just spent £49.94 for the same deal we give you for £39.00.

Our aim is to deliver amazing games at a fair price in some of the most diverse playing maps in the country so why pay more when you do not have to.

If you are new to paintball or just want to double check a few points before booking we would recommend you check out our main paintball website at www.paintball-jungle.co.uk as we have loads more info there that will help but if you have played before below is a snapshot of what we can offer

If you have 16 or more guest in your group you paintball can be booked on any available date if you have less than 16 don't worry we also run open sessions most Saturdays so give us a call on 01623 883980 to find out what dates we can offer you.

This is just because paintball is one of those events that needs 2 teams to work and less than 8 in a team is not much fun.

A Half Day sessions are 3 hours long and can be AM 10 - 1 pm or PM 1 - 4 pm  a full day runs from 10 - 4 pm.

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