Friends and Family page information

While predominately an adult activity venue Adrenalin Jungle does have some events that can cater for guests as young as 8 years old with even more available for guests’ aged 12 years or older so why not get the family out and about and give some of our events a go.

One of Adrenalin Jungle’s unique selling points is that we offer guests private events when they have 6 or more guests in the party.

We know its unlikely that many families will be a party of 6 or more with all children over 12 years old but this page is designed to let you know that if you wanted a family fun day out and can get 2 or 3 like minded family’s together then the Adrenalin Jungle may be an option.

You cannot book a package online as we have to confirm availability and timings for all elements so if you like any of the below options get in touch a tell us which package, when you want to come along and how many guest you have and we will be able to come back to you with some options .




Additional  INFO

We can offer bespoke packages for large school, youth or young sports teams so if you want a more personalised experience please call one of our events team on 01623 883980.