Bubble Football

Totally Bonkers!
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Key Points

  • The cost is £20 per person
  • 10 guest minimum required to book an exclusive event as you need 2 teams.
  • Can easily accommodate larger groups of 20 plus
  • The event will last approx 1 hour with you having a minimum of 50 minutes on the pitch but larger groups will have a longer session.
  • All equipment and event supervision is included
  • Minimum age is 12 years and there must be at least 1 adult in a group

Event Info

Bonkers is the only way of describing this craze as it sweeps the nation. It's football but not as you will have ever played it before, played on our grass pitch at our Sherwood Forest Venue Nottingham. Once inside your own bubble (your leg’s are sticking out the bottom so you can run and kick the ball if you are lucky) all you need to do is score more goals than the other team. That may sound easy!! but it's not, Bubble Football is a full-contact event, so if your opposing number is not as skilled at football as you, watch out because before you know it you will be upside down bouncing down the pitch and that just gets a laugh from the ref not a red card.
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Crazy, Hysterical, Fun, Competitive, Physically and very Draining are just some phrases used to describe Bubble Football. By far one of the wackiest events we offer, because of the event style and because we do not mix groups you do need a minimum group size is 10 people A private session is available at weekends for groups of 10 or more, the event duration is 1 hour with a minimum of 50 minutes on the pitch and is available from 10 am onwards. Bubble Football can run for parties of 10 or more but can also comfortably accommodate large groups (20 + guests at a time). If you have a larger group to entertain we can book you a double session and if you want to make sure everyone is kept busy you could add another activity to your booking so we can keep everyone active and engaged. The minimum age we accommodate on this event is 12 years old but if you are booking a group with juniors amongst the guests please remember this is a very competitive and physically demanding activity.

How to Book

Booking a session on our Bubble Football in Nottingham is simple To Book Online: get your group of 10 (10 is the minimum number required to enable you to book this online) organised, agree a date collect the £20 per person event cost then click the ‘book now’ button on this page and follow the simple steps. To Reserve Now Pay Later Online: Click the reserve now pay later button on this page and follow the steps, you will NOT be asked for any card details as this is just a reservation so we just need to know some info like the date approx group size (10 or more is required to reserve this online) and your preference of AM or PM etc we will then check the availability and email you to confirm what's available and how long we can hold this for to give you time to firm up your guest number and collect the money we will require to confirm the event. Book over the Phone If you would rather book over the phone or have any questions give our events co-ordinators a call on 01623 883 980 and they will be able to assist with your enquiry or booking. The per person cost is £20 and please note deposits are strictly non-refundable or transferable so only pay for guests that are 100% attending.

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